Tuesday , August 22 2017

Google Now updated to version 3.4 with new features


Google has updated the Google Now app for Android to version 3.4, and while it promises some new features, these seem to be country-dependent, and at least for now, they’re not visible in Australia.

The update promises the following new features:

  • New parking card in Google Now
  • New reminders interface with better arrangement of past reminders
  • Centralized list for nicknames under Accounts & privacy
  • ‘Help’ and ‘Send feedback’ are now ‘Help & feedback’ (one item)

We’ve not seen the parking card or nicknames list appear, but the reminders interface does appear to be rejigged, and the help and send feedback menu items are merged as promised.

The update will come out to you via the Play Store in time (probably the next couple of days), but if you’re the impatient kind, you can find some download links in the source link below.

Source: Android Police.

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6 Comments on "Google Now updated to version 3.4 with new features"

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Valued Guest

Parking card shows up except I wasn’t parking there; I was passing through the intersection …

Valued Guest

The parking sensor will be slightly less than useful in a stacked shopping center like Castle Towers


Heh wasn’t expecting to see the name of my local shops here. 😛

Valued Guest

Haha, I only mentioned it specifically cause its the one where I barely get radio reception in the car park or even on the road in front of the cop shop, let alone phone or GPS. Great shops though!

Valued Guest

I didn’t see the nickname thing appear, but saying “Call my wife” popped up the option to enable it (which I did) and I can now call her by saying that.

Valued Guest

Strangely, this option fails to save on my handset. It works, and it allows you to specify who that person is, but it doesn’t seem to save. Yet.


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