Friday , August 26 2016

HTC One M8 might come in … pink?

It seems today is the day for handset leaks from evleaks, with a render of the HTC One (M8) shown in (of all things) a nice soft pink!

Perhaps just in time for Mother’s Day this weekend, or perhaps just a case of someone playing around with Photoshop for a bit of fun, it seems at least plausible given the existing colour range — grey and silver, and (faux) gold, with a rumoured actual gold model available somewhere as well.

Regardless of whether we’ll see this or not, it’s hard to imagine that a pink One (M8) will be particularly popular. What do you think?

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  • JeniSkunk

    HTC should have been better organised.

    That rose pink should have been produced in time for the Mothers Day sales.

    • Sean Royce

      That’s a good point actually.

      • Phil_A_Shio

        For once lol