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LG have made some outstanding phones over the last few years; Some LG branded such as the G2 but also the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. The G2’s successor, the G3 has started to make appearances on various sites including the hugely popular evleakswho earlier today tweeted an alleged image of the LG G3 in black.

There’s also images appearing now of the G3 in white.

Personally I like the look of the G3 and I’m now doubting myself as to whether I

  • Wait for the Nexus 6
  • Buy a One Plus One
  • Bite the bullet and get a G3

A new phone is always a tough decision and there’s always the potential that something better is around the corner, but if you wait for the perfect phone; you’ll never buy one!

What factors influence your decision to buy now, or wait for another device?

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Source: Evleaks.
Devices: G3