Monday , May 30 2016

Galaxy S5 Active Support Page: Placeholder found

Orange Flare

The Galaxy S5 Active is coming, at least if you’re to believe the rumours, leaks and now the fact that there are placeholders for the SM-G850F model on a number of countries’ pages inside the Samsung domain. Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland have already got placeholders that have been found, and there’s likely more out there that are yet to be located.

Much like its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 Active, the S5 Active is expected to have near identical specs to its flagship brother, the Galaxy S5. The “claim to fame” for the S4 Active was the water- and dust-proof body that could also take something of a pounding before failure. Given the S5 is IP67 rated for water and dust resistance, the question now comes forward what they’ll do to ruggedise the phone.

What should Samsung do to differentiate the S5 Active from the S5?

Source: Sammytoday.
Via: Phone Arena.

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