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Nexus 6-six 2
Google might be getting a little sloppy in their security, at least where leaks about upcoming Nexus devices are concerned. After showing the Nexus like code-name flounder in the Chrome bug tracker last week, overnight the names Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 have shown up in a Chromium Code review.

Take this with a massive grain of salt, but the code review, which was found by shows a diff between a new and old version of something called ‘adb_client_socket_browsertest’ with the old version mentioning the Nexus 8, and the new version showing the Nexus 6.



It’s probable that the names are mere place-holders in the code, but could be the real deal. Personally, I have already explained why I don’t think the Nexus 6 will be the name on the next Nexus phone, but this is Google. The new Nexus tablet which is rumoured to be a HTC built 8.9″ device may be coming soon, even as soon as Google IO; but the next Nexus phone will assuredly follow the October/November release schedule that Google has established over the last few years.

What do you think?

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