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Samsung Music HubUPDATE: We’ve received advise from Samsung Australia this evening that Music Hub will be remaining in Australia.

Samsung has apparently advised customers via email, that Samsung Music Hub, will be closing as of the 1st of July. Samsung has at the same time as announcing the death knell for their music service announced that they are working on a replacement.

The Music Hub service, first appeared on their smartphones after Samsung purchased mSpot, the company behind the technology which runs Music Hub, back in 2012. Samsung seemingly didn’t find a lot of traction for their Music Hub, in a world of streaming music from a plethora of vendors, because they launched a new subscription based streaming service called Milk Music earlier this year in the US. It’s this Milk Music service which is believed to be replacing Music Hub.

The Milk Music service was launched as a US based streaming service, based on Slacker, and worryingly it appears that the service is still US-only as of this morning. Samsung is apparently rushing to add compatability for more handsets to the Milk Music app, and we hope they’re working on an international expansion prior to the shuttering of the Samsung Music Hub as well.

Customers of the Samsung Music Hub, are being advised by Samsung to download their library, as well as redeem any outstanding vouchers by the 1st of July.

Are you a Samsung Music Hub customer? Will you be using the new service?

Source: Android Central.
Companies: Samsung