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Hi guys, pardon the intrusion into your daily dose of Android news!

It’s Monday May 26, which means – besides being my birthday – that Vodafone‘s #TheVault competition is underway! Vodafone has released clue #1 this morning and it’s time for us to get cracking.

There’s now a Google+ Community for the Ausdroid Vault Crew. Ausdroid’s got a full crew of 50 participants, so it’s time to get organised! This is where it gets a little messy, though. I’ve invited those of you I could find on Google+ to join the community, but I wasn’t able to find everyone. So, if you haven’t received an invitation from me yet, click here and ask to join the community. I’ll see you there!

If you haven’t signed up to join Ausdroid’s crew, you can still create your own crew and get cracking for a chance to win 50 Galaxy S5 handsets. Head on over to the Vodafone Vault site and create your crew.

Good luck to everyone in the competition!

Companies: Samsung, and Vodafone