Saturday , May 28 2016

EverythingMe launcher now available to download from the Play Store

EverythingMe Logo
Earlier this year we reported that EverythingMe, an Android launcher quite similar to the Google Now launcher, had come out of beta for certain countries, namely the UK, USA, Spain and Germany. Well it seems now that the company has flicked the switch to allow Aussies to download and try the launcher out for themselves.

It certainly has been a long time coming for the company, as they have had beta testers testing out the launcher in various countries, including Australia for a while now. The flip has been switched though and you can now download the launcher from Google Play.

At the time of launch earlier this year, Ami Ben David, Its co-founder and designer was calling EverythingMe a “Smartphone 2.0″ launcher which he promised would make your device smarter and more efficient to use. The launcher focuses on speed with what they claim is the ‘Fastest In-Phone Search’, as well as coming with some other very interesting features such as Smart Folders and a Prediction bar.

Check out the introduction video :

EverythingMe Launcher is available for free to download from the Play Store. If you wish to go and have a look at what the launcher is like, hit the link below.

Source: EverythingMe.

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  • Joshua Hill

    Anyone with a Nexus 7 2013 able to download this. Google play says its not compatible with my device?

    • Marné Prinsloo

      Yep, GP doesn’t want me to install it…

    • Marné Prinsloo

      I tried on mine. No-go.

  • whitelunchbag

    Looks nice but I don’t see the utility for my own needs

  • Taciturn

    The ‘flip has been switched’ or the ‘switch has been flipped’? 🙂

    • toast

      The flipper has been flicked.

  • nevetsg

    I am not sure about this one, I like my apps to be where I left them.

  • Marné Prinsloo

    Trying this now.

  • Joshua Hill

    Best launcher ever… Not! They don’t even support Google’s most recent tablet release. What a waste of time.