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According to an interview with Netherlands-based Draad-Breuk, LG‘s Global Communications Director Ken Hong says his company is not making the rumoured (and anticipated) Nexus 6.

Reportedly, Hong joked that he must have been passed-by or ignored when the Nexus 6 news went around the LG office – either that, or LG isn’t making the Nexus 6. Hong’s comments also imply that LG might not be too upset at the situation, stating that Nexus manufacturers earn credibility but don’t necessarily make a lot of money out of the deal.

It’s all a bit secondhand, you see – Google Translate hasn’t done a great job of translating the page, but the important points are still there for everyone to see.

Fool Us Once

Of course, this isn’t the first time LG has claimed it’s not making the next Nexus device. Last year, an LG executive stated that they weren’t making any more Nexus devices – we all know how that turned out.

After a couple of well-received handsets (despite an poor choice of glass back on the Nexus 4) we’d almost certainly welcome another LG Nexus handset if there’s one on the cards.

What’s Next?

Perhaps adding a little credibility to the statements, Hong also added that LG only delivers the number of handsets that are ordered, putting the blame for the Nexus 4’s infamous and Nexus 5’s mildly irritating stock shortages squarely on Google itself. If LG were still under contract to deliver new handsets, they might be a little more careful about making statements like this.

If LG’s involvement with the Nexus program has indeed come to an end, we wish them well – hopefully the company is putting the lessons its learned to good use as it delivers its next generation of devices with the new G3 and G Pad series tablets, due to hit Australian shores in the coming months.

It’s also possible that there won’t be a Nexus 6, with rumours abounding that the Nexus program is coming to an end. Of course, it’s also possible that LG might be making another phone for Google that simply won’t be called “Nexus 6”.

Do you believe these statements? If LG’s really out, who would you like to see make the next Nexus phone, and why? Tell us in the comments!

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Source: Draad-Breuk.
Via: BoyGenius.
Companies: LG
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