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Nexus 6-six 2
The dispute surrounding whether Google will this year release another Nexus phone this year has apparently been resolved. A source within Google who is close to the project has advised Ausdroid that Google are indeed looking to release a new phone in the Nexus line later this year.

The source advised that a new Nexus phone is definitely in the works, with the big feature of the new Nexus phone tipped to be a very LG G3 sized 5.5″ screen. While the screen size matches, no mention was made of whether the resolution of the panel would be equal to the QHD display on the LG flagship.

While the source would not say which manufacturer would be producing the latest Nexus phone, which should be due around October/November this year, it has been rumoured previously that LG has been tapped by Google to produce a third Nexus phone. Refuting this claim earlier this week, was LG‘s Global Communications Director Ken Hong who stated that his company was not making the rumoured handset.

While many have speculated that the rumoured ‘Android Silver‘ program will be the death of the Nexus program, this news seems to refute the notion. It can be argued that the Nexus program is still essential to developers, offering a cost-effective device that carries the latest hardware, including sensors which Google wishes to include in the latest version of Android.

There’s no more information at this stage, but rest assured if any more information surfaces we will be right on it.

Is a 5.5″ Nexus phone be too large for you?

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