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Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the Moto 360, in the flesh. It isn’t my flesh, but you’re seeing Motorola’s new smartwatch courtesy of David Pierce again from the Verge.

Before we take a look at the watch in closer detail, here’s his thoughts on the watch and its feel:

The Moto 360 isn’t actually that big. It’s solid and high-end, and it’s definitely in the larger end of the smartwatch spectrum, but it quickly felt natural on my wrist. Light, round, and comfortable.

David thought the 360 was something pretty special, and from the looks we’d have to agree. It’s big, beautiful and bold .. though perhaps a little too bold for some; it’s a big watch, and the silver bezel and the sheer size of the watch may make it just a little too much for the faint of heart.

There’s reportedly huge lines to look at the 360 and to have a play with it, so will it be the most desirable Android Wear device? Maybe. It could also be that people at I/O are receiving their choice of a LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live, so there’s more hype for the device that they can’t (yet) have themselves.

Source: Verge.
Companies: Motorola
Devices: Moto 360