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Exynos 5
Samsung has today moved into exciting new territory with their Exynos line of processors, introducing the Exynos ModAP processor with a built-in LTE-A modem.

The announcement is a step forward for Samsung, who has been unable to deliver a complete solution for LTE devices with their Exynos line, until now. The Exynos ModAP includes a quad-core Application Processor built on the 28nm HKMG process, which Samsung believes will bring about power savings.

The built-in LTE-A modem supports ‘Release 9 of 3GPP and Cat 4, at both duplex mode, FDD and TDD, in addition to legacy 2G and 3G’, so there is plenty of speed in the radio side of things with speeds up to 150mbps expected out of the Cat 4 modem.

There will also be improvements to Image processing, with the Exynos ModAP processor capable of supporting 8MP 30 fps Image Signal Processor (ISP), which will use high bandwidth(6.4GB/s) pathways for what they claim will be a superior recording and playback experience.

Source: Samsung.
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