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Google loves sales and we love to report them. At the moment you can grab some deals on some health and fitness related apps that are currently on-sale, as well as some great deals on In-App Purchases (IAP) for a bunch of games.

The Health and Fitness deals feature some decent apps which are reduced in price, or have reductions to the In-App Purchase price. There’s a big showing from Runtastic, including Runtastic Pro which is featured in the Android Wear section of Google Play

Now you’re fit and healthy, you’ll want to relax, so why not check out the great deals that Google has on In-App Purchases for some games :

  • Mushroom Wars – Up to 75% off the best in-game items for just one week!
  • The Sims™ FreePlay – Get 50% off all pool items & towels in Outdoor Furniture
  • Tetris Blitz – Get 50% off the Crusher, Three Strikes, Second Hold & Future Sight to supercharge your game!
  • Jewel Galaxy – 50% discount on all jewel batches until 31th of July.
  • Theme Park – Build the park of your dreams with up to 40% off select packs for a limited time only.
  • Dragons World – Get 50 crystals and a Tornado dragon as a gift! Free dragon for purchasing resources at 30% discount!
  • The Tribez – Discounts, special sets and a free worker for each day! Visit the sale and get a Sand Triboid as a gift!
  • Dragon City – Enjoy Hawaii Island and take advantage of the Summer Sales in Dragon City!
  • Paradise Island – Hurry to decorate your dream paradise for half the price!
  • Bubble Blaze – Enjoy 20 new levels and a special summer sale in this tropical treat!
  • Bingo Blitz – Purchase Special Power-Up Bundles exclusively on Google Play from July 25-31!

Remember that games with IAP are definitely a little bit addictive. These are some pretty good deals though so check them all out over on Google Play.

Source(s): Google Play Health and Fitness, and Google Play IAP DIscounts

  • mabs

    Zombies! Run 5K was only about $2-something a few weeks ago when I bought it…