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Mobile gaming is by definition ‘mobile’, but being mobile, often involves being in areas where there’s no internet conenctivity. So, if your favourite game demands contact with the mothership before you can play, then you should probably check out Google’s new offline games feature to see what other options are out there.

The new section dubbed “Offline Games” on Google Play offers a list of games which fully support offline play. With titles such as Asphalt 8, Dots, Plague Inc. and Minecraft: Pocket Edition included, you can see there’s no shortage of big name titles, so you probably should take a look. There’s 544 games at present, but with focus now on offline play, there may be more soon.

Head on over to Google Play to check it out, and prepare for your next offline adventure.

Source(s): Google Play Offline Games
Via: Engadget.
  • Dean Reading

    So many times I’ve downloaded a game to play on a plane or in an area with no connectivity, until I start the game and get ‘Check your internet connection’ -_- So I think this is a great feature!

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