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Google has publicly come out and advised developers that until the official Android Wear watchface API is made available, they shouldn’t be releasing watchfaces. But that hasn’t, and knowing Android developers, will not stop them from doing it.

There’s a range of options, which include a couple of standouts which do more than simply supply a watchface. Like WearFaces. Wearfaces gives you three watchfaces, but then allows you to create your own WatchFace by uploading 4 pictures based on a template you find on

Next is what appears to be a Watch Face marketplace. Wear Face Collection offers a bunch of free, and paid, watchfaces for you to check out.

Apart from that, most of the Android Wear entries below appear to be simple watchfaces. They’re all available on Google Play, check them out and let us know which is your favourite and if there’s any we’ve missed.

It appears that one of our personal favourites – Starwatch – has been removed from Google Play. Don’t worry though, you can still grab your LCARS themed watch face from over at XDA-Developers where the APK is available.

Android Wear Watchface collection:

9elements One Watch Face

12Hours Wear

ACW Watchface Beta

Android Square Zooper-Watch

Anonymous Watch Face for Wear

Bermuda watch face for Wear

Better Wear Face

BigSimple Wear Watchface BETA

Binary Clock for Android Wear

Binary Watch Face

Band O’Clock for Wear

Chron Watchface

Chrono Watch Face for Wear

Colorful Watchface

Convergence Watch Face


DevOps Time (Wear Watch Face)

DigiWatch for Android Wear

Elegant Face



Ingress Wear Watchface

Japanese Wear Watchface

Matrix face for Android Wear

Minimalist Wear Watch Face

Nexus Watch Face

Premium Watch Face

Sky Clock

Simple Watchface


Terminal Watch Face

Text Watchface

Time Circuit Panel WatchFace


Timely Wear Watch Face

TronFace for Android Wear

Watch Face for Wear – Squares

Wear LCD Watchface BETA

wear picture watch

Wear Time Circuit

Wear Watch Faces

Weather Wear Watch Face

Words Watchface

Yeah! Clock for Android Wear