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Google Chromecast Australia
As one of the Launch partners for Chromecast, Foxtel’s Presto service took a full month to launch, but it did include Chromecast support when it did. Now Google and Foxtel have released a new commercial featuring the Chromecast and Presto.

It’s a short commercial which is titled ‘For Bigger Parties’ which features well known party animal Jay Gatsby, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in a movie filmed in, starring (Isla Fisher) and directed by (Baz Luhrman) Australians – The Great Gatsby. The movie is available on Foxtels Presto platform, which currently features a One Month free trial for Australian Chromecast owners, which you can access by going to



It’s a pretty simple advert and shows the movie being ‘cast’ to a larger screen from a Nexus 7. Check it out

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