As Motorola’s most successful handset of all time, the Motorola Moto G is one phone that Motorola should be following up, and they seem to be with leaks for the Moto G2 seeping out over the last couple of months. Now the Moto G2 has shown up in the inventory system of an Australian retailer and is expected to launch this month.

Though listed as ‘Coming Soon’ we’ve been advised that the phone is set to launch ‘mid-August’ in Black, but with no events scheduled by Motorola for this month as yet, it’s uncertain whether this is a solid date.
Moto G2 Retailer - WM
Specs listed for the phone in the system show that previous leaks were quite accurate with the listing showing a 5″ Display, 1.2GHz Quad-Core processor, 8GB on-board storage with microSD card slot and 8MP camera. It seems that just as we saw the Dual-SIM version of the Moto G, we will see the Dual-SIM Moto G2 here in Australia as well.

From the listing it can be assumed that just as the Moto G was released as a 3G only device, the Moto G2 will also arrive with only 3G radios. A follow-up device with LTE could be in the offing down the track though, if Motorola’s release schedule is anything to go by.

Pricing for the phone hasn’t been confirmed at this stageAccording to our source, the Motorola Moto G2 will be selling for between $270 and $299. Whether Motorola make the mid-August release date we’ll soon find out.

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Any update since these have been released? Amt idea when these will hit the shelves?


I’ll wait until the LTE version gets released before I get one to replace my Nexus 4 ..


When you say ‘Motorola’s most successful handset’ you’re talking about smartphone right? Surely those Motorola RAZR’s back in the early 2000s sold a bucketload more than the Moto G?


Great news. I hope the price will be the same as Moto G, at least as the dual sim version, about 220€ in Europe. Can’t find any reason to be more expensive.


Hmm, so they are supposed to have dual SIM AND a microSD port, but no 4G? Seems a strange combo to me, in light of the Moto E. You’d have thought they wanted to differentiate MotoE and MotoG via the inclusion of 4G. I guess with the extra 0.5″ of screen diagonal they have space for the 3 necessary sockets. I assume it will have the gyros of the 4G as well? Even with the 5″ screen, they are going to need to be price competitive with the existing models – which will invite interesting comparisons with the 4.7″ iphone… Read more »


I think you’ll fine the alleged iPhone 6 will be 4 times the price of the Moto G..

Cameron Harvey

Looks like Allphones to me 😉