Twitch 1 BILLON Dollars

UPDATE: It appears that the purchase has actually gone through, with Engadget reporting that Amazon has purchased Twitch for $970M in cash.

After earlier this year reporting in May this year that Google was looking at purchasing the gaming network service Twitch for $1Billion (US), the Wall Street Journal is now stating that it is Amazon that is looking to buy out Twitch for the same amount.

The report which surfaced overnight is stating that Amazon will acquire for over $1billion (US) and has surprised many given that the deal with Google was reported closed back in June. The deal with Google could have seen merged alongside YouTube, given that Google has been looking to gain further into the gaming network for sometime now. However the deal with Google & was never made official.

The WSJ is stating through unnamed sources that the deal could be announced sometime later today our time or possibly tomorrow, but no official timeline was given for the announcement or if the deal with Amazon had been finalised. So at this stage its basically keep watching this space folks.

What do you think of Amazon purchasing instead of Google? Do you think this is a smart move by Amazon or should Google look to counteract the deal? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below

Source: WSJ.
Via: Android Central.
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Wonder what $970 million in cash looks like.