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vw dashWhen Android Auto was announced mid last year, we were quite interested but there wasn’t much noise about whether (and when) Android Auto powered autos would actually arrive on scene. It looks as if Volkswagen will be among the first, with an announcement overnight that certain 2015 models will come with Android Auto (and Apple’s CarPlay) support later this year.

The option will be available on cars equipped with MiB II, the manufacturer’s modular information and entertainment platform. The only vehicle named in the announcement is the VW Golf, which is hardly surprising as its one of the better known and more popular in the range.

car linkIn the announcement, Volkswagen also referred to some features which are probably more US-focused at the moment, such as allowing the partner mobile app to remotely manage your car (charging, parking, remote start etc) which means there are definitely some exciting times ahead.


Source: VW.

Chris Rowland   Managing Editor

Chris Rowland

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This is nice timing. We were looking at buying a Golf over the Christmas break. Glad we held out for a little bit.


When the article starts talking about the associated app, it makes me wonder if VW’s MiB II tech needed as the back end for the head units, is only going into their electrics and hybrids.
Do we get the hybrids or electrics here in AU?


There aren’t any hybrids or electrics in Australia at the moment, but perhaps with 2015 models will be. I think the app is only for the extra things that the electric cars do (like the remote parking). The Android Auto should just be part of the display that all Golfs come with.

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