Friday , August 18 2017

UK residents can now send money through Gmail, Free

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UK residents over the age of 18 can now send each other money as easy as sending an email. When creating a new email, all they have to do it click or tap attach and chose the £ sign. This works with Google’s Wallet application. The best part is that it is free to send money!

This would be great if Google Wallet was available in Australia. Refunding friends, paying for goods, it seems like a logical way of sending payment to us. Of Course, the payments are very secure and you have the option to add a pin before you can send money, if your computer or tablet is sometimes used by someone else.

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You can also send money from your Google Wallet App or Google Wallet website.

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Have a look at the video for a quick explanation of how it all works:

Source: Google UK.

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Valued Guest

Easy way to split the bill.

Valued Guest

great news for hackers


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