Tuesday , August 22 2017

Twitter redesign “Quote Tweet” interface


Quoting a tweet just became a bit more intuitive, rather than using the original tweet as the text of yours; it will now embedded as part of your tweet in a similar way to an image. Where this creates an advantage for users is in having 115 of the 140 characters available for your to add your own comment to the tweet instead of perhaps only 10 or 15, or even having to truncate your quoted tweet in order to get your message across.

For now the functionality is only available to web and iOS users but will be coming to the Twitter official app for Android very soon. Paul Haddad, one of the co-founders and iOS developers from Tapbots; the company responsible for Tweetbot which is a hugely popular Twitter client for Mac OS and iOS has put his 2 cents in on the matter stating that it’s been done in a way that’s fully compatible with third party apps.

This is great news for those of us who don’t necessarily use the official apps from Twitter and the funcitonality change makes quoting tweets useful instead of adding a word or two comment on the existing Tweet.

Does the change in quote tweet functionality change the way you’ll behaving with retweeting and quoting tweets?

Source: Twitter.

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