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Motorola looking to release Android 5.1 updates for Moto E (gen 2) as well as both generations of Moto X

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With the sale to Lenovo now complete, Motorola is showing that no matter who is technically in charge, they’re out to deliver for their customers. Motorola has possibly the best reputation among Android OEMs for updating their phones quickly and they’re about to do it again, with changelogs for an Android 5.1 update hitting their support pages in the US.

The updates are being targeted for the Moto E (gen 2), which so far hasn’t launched in Australia yet, but there’s also Android 5.1 updates for the 1st and 2nd Gen Moto X in the pipe as well. The support pages are specifically targeting the US Carrier versions of the Gen 2 Moto X for T-Mobile and AT&T, but the existence of the update means we’ll be sure to see it rolling out globally in fairly short order.

The changelog for Android 5.0 to 5.1 for the Motorola series includes :

We’re looking forward to seeing the update for the Moto handsets, but we’re more importantly looking forward to seeing that gen 2 Moto E. We’re hoping to have more on the Australian release of that – as well as information on whether it will come with Android 5.1 out of the box – in the coming weeks.

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