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Rumour: Android Wear to gain calling features and speaker support


According to Android Police’s Artem Russakovskii, we may see some new party tricks added to the Android Wear arsenal very soon. How the two rumoured features — on-watch calling and speaker support — will look, feel and behave is of course unknown at this time but the concept has whet the appetite of many users, as it’s functionality that could take their device from a great accessory to a must have.

Speaker support will be a great addition to notifications for important messages, emails or even phone calls if your phone is in another room. Not only this could potentially be used hand in hand with on watch calling to take calls on your Android wear device, it’s almost certainly the preparation for future features, even mobile-capable Android Wear devices.


Perhaps the announcement will be made next week at Google I/O, where our very own Daniel Tyson will be on the spot to report back if this additional functionality does eventuate from the traditional launch of the event, the keynote address.

How will these potential new features change the way you use Android Wear?

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Valued Guest

Samsung must be thinking what the heck….everyone was like speaker on watch ain’t cool when first gear came out but now…..I am sure they will lose their s@#t if cameras on watches catch on.


Theory: We are talking about Wifi enabled watch connecting to any WIFI network (it knows about) and communicating back to the phone its tethered to for functionality even if its on a different network, right? But why does it need to connect back to a phone at all? Project FI allows calling from the Web. Chrome does notifications. Google Now runs in a browser. What if the Watch just connects back to the cloud to know what notifications, apps, phone capabilities, etc?

Just a thought

Valued Guest

is the calling feature Google’s answer to the Apple watch?

Stephen Crisafulli
Valued Guest
Stephen Crisafulli

No one wants a cheap bluetooth speaker phone on their wrist, if there going to put android wear into google glass orsomething other than a watch then ok cool.


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