Tuesday , August 22 2017

Poll: Tell Ausdroid which brands, carriers and topics you want to read more about

Ausdroid Reader Survey

If you’ve been reading Ausdroid for a while, you know that we try to cover the news from most brands, though we do pay a bit more attention to some more than others. That’s probably not all that surprising. However, its important to peg that coverage against what our readers actually want to see. In the past, we’ve tried to measure this from reader surveys (which we need to do again soon), but they don’t give us that direct kind of feedback.

So, because its a Monday, and there’s not an awful lot of news happening just yet, we’d like to get your input through a poll. Today, we’re asking a couple of simple questions to gauge your interest in certain brands, carriers and topics we cover on Ausdroid. It shouldn’t take more than a minute or so to order the items in your preference, so please, help us out and we’ll learn from what you tell us!

(If you can’t view the embedded form below, feel free to access it directly via this link.)


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When not writing for Ausdroid, Chris is busy working away at his career within the NSW Department of Justice.

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Valued Guest

Only thing for me is more specific Australian content, e.g Australian apps and services, nfc payment apps from banks etc…


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