Virgin Mobile this morning announced that they’re partnered up with music streaming service Guvera, which will see post-paid users get 1GB of additional data on their monthly plan until the end of April 2016 in a promotion called One B1g Gig.

Guvera offers free and paid tiers of service (Guvera Play and Guvera Platinum, respectively) and lets you stream radio (ad-supported on the free tier), create and share playlists and download music for offline use. There’s curated playlists and spotlights on local and international artists. You’ll find some local outlets like The Iconic and Boost Mobile contributing playlists to the service, too.

To take advantage of Virgin Mobile’s offer, you can connect the Guvera app to Virgin Mobile by entering your phone number. The extra GB of data will be added each month, as long as you play some music. By Virgin’s estimates, 1GB of data nets you a little over 400 tracks.

If you switch to Virgin Mobile and use this offer you could be getting up to 11GB of data per month on a $60 plan (6GB + 2GB for switching + 2GB online bonus + 1GB Guvera) – a pretty good deal. Don’t forget that Virgin Mobile also offers features like Data Rollover to give you a second chance at using the data you’ve paid for each month – something we wish other carriers would follow suit on.

If you’re a Virgin Mobile customer, you can get the extra 1GB of data now – just check out the Guvera app on Google Play, connect your number and stream some music!

Source: Virgin Mobile One B1g Gig.
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I can’t find where to put in my mobile number… anyone else find where this is?


Nevermind. Found it by clicking on the hamburger menu then going to ‘Connect’.

Joshua Hill

Did you get your bonus data yet? I played my first track on the 10th of October with my wifi off and still haven’t received my bonus 1Gb :/