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Popular wireless connection tool AirDroid has added a new option for users running Android 5.0 and above on their phone or tablet, adding the option to stream their screen live to the web – without root. The AirDroid team has also updated their AirDroid Mac client to allow you to control your Android device wirelessly.

The streaming option uses the screen recording APIs built in to Lollipop and subsequent releases to let you demonstrate something happening on your Android device on your computer screen using the Screenshot option. To start streaming to the website, you will need to allow the option by tapping the ‘Start Now’ button on the phone, indeed you’ll be prompted to allow the stream when you first click ‘Screenshot’ in the web client.

The other bit of news from AirDroid is for those using the AirDroid for Mac client, which now lets you control your phone using AirMirror without the need for root access.

Once you’ve updated to the latest versions of the AirDroid Android app (v3.1.6) and AirDroid Mac (v3.2.1) apps, you’ll then just need to run through a setup routine which AirDroid will walk you through once you launch AirMirror for the first time.


The down-side to this exciting new feature, which will allow you to play games or use apps on a bigger screen, is that you’ll have to re-enable the feature every time you reboot the phone.

The AirMirror option is only available for Mac for now, but will be coming to the AirDroid Windows client soon. Make sure you have your AirDroid Android app up to date, and if you’re a Mac user after the new feature grab the latest AirDroid Mac client as well.

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    Phill Edwards

    I love AirDroid, especially when I leave my phone at home and it lets me see missed calls, text messages etc from work.