Sunday , August 20 2017

Telegram update brings a host of enhancements


Telegram made something of a splash when it landed in the third party messaging space with its fast interface, cross platform options and their integration options via either web hooks or API. The user base for third party messaging is generally quit a fickle market though; changing at the drop of a hat for better options, more features or simply because a minor bug has caused a relatively short term aggravation.

Telegram have clearly recognised this and continued to improve their feature set repeatedly with every update, this time around the new features include:

  • Raise to speak fixes
  • New Voice Messages. Waveform visualizations, brand new player. Experimental: raise to speak / raise to listen
  • New Secret Chats. Support for all the stuff you love in cloud chats: GIFs, replies, sticker set previews, and inline bots. Added improved key visualization and optional link previews
  • New privacy settings. Control who can add you to groups and channels with granular precision
  • New photo editor. Added rotate, fade, tint and curves tools
[ED: Raise the phone to speak/listen is probably my favourite feature I didn’t know I was missing, but now it’s here and it’s fantastic. The new Photo editor is marvellous as well, adding a new level of function while you’re on the move.]

Its our favoured messaging platform for team communication at Ausdroid so we’re thrilled to see the continued updates to make the product better.

Have you got a single 3rd party messaging app you stick with, do you switch regularly or use multiple apps regularly?

Price: Free
Source: Play Store.

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