Samsung ear bud

From time to time we like to trawl through the FCC database and see what new goodies may be heading our way. With Computex currently underway in Taipei, we’ve been paying closer attention in the hope of catching something interesting. We have spotted a submission from Samsung for a pair of in-ear Bluetooth headphones.

Being an FCC filing, there is very little to go on, what we “know” is that there are devices for the left and right ear, they have Bluetooth LE and are charged via Pogo pins on the base of the devices. Each “earbud” is about 21 x 1.4 mm in height plus the size of the adjustable rubber ear stop. From the design of the earbuds, there may be a button on the top surface of each device to provide some control over the headphones.

Apart from that anything else about this device would be speculation, are they intended as medical devices – ie hearing aids – with Bluetooth connectivity? Will they incorporate a microphone for voice control/ hands-free calling? Are they simply consumer entertainment devices? Samsung is a large company with divisions working in multiple industries, what we will say is that the application was lodged by the same group that typically submits consumer mobile hardware so it could be a play for a set of “connected” wireless in-ear ‘phones.

From the size of them, they look to have a low profile that would make them less conspicuous than other entrants into this category, such as the Moto Hint. We’ll continue to watch these and see if anything shakes out.

Source: FCC.