Monday , August 21 2017

Google Fit app update brings entirely new user interface


Google fit is a great way to track all of your fitness activities in one place with all of their integrations to other major services. An update that is in the process of rolling out to users will change your experience immensely.

As you can see, the dashboard is cleaner and includes a lot more data. It allows users to track their days activity (distance covered, steps, time active), weight and recent activity all on one screen while still allowing users to manually add activities or start an activity and let Google do the tracking for you as has been the case in previous versions of the app.

If you’re a Fit user, what is your favourite change to the Google Fit app?


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With my Nexus 6P Android N beta NPD56N, I use the Adidas train & run app hooked up to my Scosche Rhythm+ heart rate monitor (HRM). The app is free and allows you to view your heart rate graph for free, unlike the Strava app where you have to pay to look at the HRM graph.

Nike app for Android doesn’t have HRM capability.

I used to use the Runtastic app, but it stopped working with the latest Android N beta NPD56N.


Really liking it. It’s more efficient with space and simpler to navigate which means it takes less time and less touches to see information.

Valued Guest

Looks nicer, I just wish they would lean more heavily into health like Apple is. Plus I wish garmin played nice with it.


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