Saturday , August 19 2017

Sonos adds Plex functionality to its control center


Sonos is arguably the biggest name in home streaming speakers and they’re not relying on their good name to keep them there, continually adding new functionality to their speakers and the latest update adds Plex support to the Sonos Controller for Android app.

Sonos Plex

Many of us who keep home libraries of media run Plex for the simplicity, yet broad functionality that it offers with (after some network tweaks and presuming enough bandwidth is available) remote access to your library, multiple devices with simultaneous access and even guests (via login) being able to access your library. So the addition of Plex into the Sonos control software is a very welcome addition to their control centre adding extra functionality and accessibility to your media library.

To start with the Plex function is being trialled in the Beta channel, which you can access in the Sonos Labs section of the app.

Sonos Controller for Android
Sonos Controller for Android
Developer: Sonos, Inc
Price: Free

If you’re in the market for streaming speakers, what functions are you looking for?

Source: Sonos.

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