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The launch of the 2016 Nexus phones is imminent, we’ve been seeing more and more appearing in the last week, including live images of one of the phones today. That is about to get more official with HTC putting two Nexus devices through the FCC today.

The FCC is listing 2 smartphones built by HTC – G-2PW2100 and G-2PW4100 – with the telltale descriptor that these are Nexus devices being that HTC points to the support.google.com/nexus website as the location of the manual for both devices.

nexus fcc manual

The FCC Label ID is also a giveaway with the now familiar Google font used for the ‘G’ in the model # on the FCC Label which will be placed on the rear:
nexus 2016 elabel

Based on this and the relatively high-end nature of the specs we were able to determine we’re calling these the Nexus 2016 phones. The samples provided for testing were listed as production models meaning that it’s possible that Google could be gearing up for a launch imminently.

We also spotted the Kernel version number in the filing indicating that this is a very recent build.


There was nothing groundbreaking in the specs, LTE bands (Band 2/4/5/7/12/13/17/25/26/30/41), WiFI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (Dual-Band), Bluetooth LE and NFC. We got no hints as to dimensions, screen or battery size or any other goodies. The LTE Bands listed are limited to those tested by the FCC, so don’t start worrying that there’s no Band X for your country.


Unfortunately there’s no external images attached to either filing, but we got a good dose of that today.

The 2016 Nexus phones could well be the most anticipated Nexus launch ever, with two premium models rumoured for release it could be a very good year for Nexus lovers everywhere.

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Duncan Jaffrey

Duncan has been interested in technology since coding "Mary had a little Lamb" in Basic on his ZX Spectrum. A fan of all things Android, most days you'll find Duncan trawling the web for Android news or quietly editing away on Map Maker.

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Zach Machen
Zach Machen

Not sure about HTC tho? more of a Motorola guy

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