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Following the voluntary recall of the Galaxy Note 7 due to issues with its battery causing the unit to overheat and catch fire, Samsung Australia have confirmed dates that their Australian Customers will be contacted to coordinate the replacement of their device.

Starting from Wednesday, September 21st, that’s 12 days away, customers who have purchased a Note 7, and made contact with either Samsung or the retailer/carrier they purchased the phone through, will start receiving phone calls to coordinate the return and replacement of their units.

If that’s too long to wait for Samsung reminds users that courtesy device – it seems it’s a Galaxy J1 in most cases – is available to tide you over until your replacement arrives. For safety reasons Samsung, and us here at Ausdroid, urge you not to risk using your Note 7. It’s a phone people, it’s not worth the risk, even for a phone as great as the Note 7. This sentiment is backed up by Richard Fink, Vice President IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Australia who said ‘Our number one priority is the safety of our customers’.

Samsung has reminded customers to back up their data, complete a factory reset to delete any personal data and power down the device. They are also pushing for people to contact the place they purchased it from to arrange a refund or replacement – or as they put it the ‘remedy of their choice’.

Mr Fink has further added, regarding the issues

We would like to thank our loyal customers for their patience, and apologise for the inconvenience. We have been working hard to get the amazing Galaxy Note7 back in the hands of our customers to continue to enjoy. We appreciate our customers’ continued support as we start to deliver this new stock to operators and retailers around the country from September 21.

September 21 is when stock arrives and begins to be shipped around, some carriers and retailers may have stock but the likelihood is this will take a week or two to actually roll out to all Note 7 owners. We don’t know how many devices they sold in Australia but worldwide it’s in the millions.

Temper your expectations of getting a new Note 7 at 8am on the 21st. Depending on who you got it from you may not even get your phone at all that day. If you need a phone get the courtesy device to hold you over. We urge you to have some patience.

Are you swapping your Note 7? Let us know below.

Source: Samsung Australia.
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Newcastle Guardian

Interesting with reports coming out of the United States this morning, that the government regulatory body there responsible for defective products recalls is now calling into question if NEW replace model Note 7’s will be allowed and an acceptable product!!!!!


Got a new in box S7 Edge as a loaner, pretty good to be given that I reckon.
Clear that the really refined the design and UI on the Note 7, it is definitely the nicer device.
Interestingly I’m not having and multitasking/ram management issues on the S7 Edge like I was on the Note 7.
Hopefully my replacement Note7 fixes this.


Have to agree there, the Settings app and refined system UI (notification shade, mainly) in the Note7 are far, far better than on the S7 Edge.


The in feel and palm recognition also much better on Note 7


I’ve got my loander S7 Edge.. but all its doing is poorly filling a gap that only the note 7 can fill.
Am eagerly waiting my replacement!


The S7 Edge is a pretty decent phone; the only real disappointments are that (a) it has no stylus and (b) the edge-screen fixes in the Note7 aren’t in the S7 Edge, meaning that minor touches of the edge screen throw everything off.

Simon Hoomans

Telstra want me to bring my note 7 charger in so they can dispose of it ?


They’re wrong, phone only

Brandon D'Souza

The FAQ’s say we can keep the courtesy device if it is a Galaxy J100 or J1 Mini worth $200


Hehe, I know you probably don’t have much control over it, but the column to the right of the article talks about “Ausdroid deals on the Samsung Samsung [sic] Galaxy Note 7” :).

Daniel Tyson

Yeah, that’s WhistleOut, it matches up with plans for phones tagged in the post. Unfortunate in cases like this, handy for 95% of the time though.