Google Looking To Officially Add The Pixel Fingerprint Gesture To The Nexus 6P and 5X

One of the “features” of the new Google Pixel phones is the fingerprint scanner gesture that allows the notification shade to be pulled down with a swipe on the scanner. The Nexus 6P and 5X share the same fingerprint scanner as the Pixels, which has left a lot of people wondering if it was possible to port that feature to those devices as well. While we know that unofficially it is possible a lot of people prefer official channels.

Googler Nick Desaulniers waded into a thread over on Reddit and said that they (the 5X and 6P):

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… use similar hardware, but older versions of firmware that don’t have gesture support. Updating the firmware used and HAL and some other stuff will take some effort.

Google PR have spoken to Android Police and said that they are currently evaluating a firmware update for the 5X and 6P that will add support for the fingerprint scanner gesture. Considering that Google publicly comment on very little, it is a very positive step that this eventuality may not be too far down the track. Maybe Google will also think about bringing other Pixel exclusives to those Nexus devices soon as well.

This feature was originally one of the Pixel exclusives but hopefully Google will bring it to the Nexus 6P and 5X soon. Of course, those who follow Ausdroid will already have fingerprint scanner gestures operational via the app I wrote about a few days ago, Fingerprint Quick Action.

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  • I'm a longtime Apple hater (for philosophical, ethical, and patriotic reasons) and Google supporter.

    Google is alienating me by making wannabe-iPhones, for one thing. All the hardware benefits and advantages of the past are gone.
    As a work traveler, I want functionality, not jewelry. I don't want Apple-style planned obsolescence.
    I don't want a screen-shattering, impact-transferring, signal-blocking metal chassis.
    I don't want Apple-style sealed in batteries that make me dependent on Rube Goldberg dongles on long work-travel days (or being professionally embarrassed from well-intentioned clients offering the use of their devices while plugged into one of those awkward external batteries).
    I'd love to swap out my "personal life" SD card and swap in one with content specifically for my trip. I also don't want to accept Apple-style extortionistic rates for built-in storage - I don't want Apple style strong-arm techniques... Like Google appears to be doing by actually removing features currently on my 5x like Night Mode so if I want them back - I can buy a Pixel!
    Just no.
    This 5x is looking like the end of my Google Fi experience altogether.
    Google may as well walk us right into the Apple store - that's downright Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock levels of bizarreness.

  • Maybe they should fix the damn battery problems which cripple half their phones on android nougat

          • Hey Mate. Does the beta program mean I will not longer have to rely on Vodafone for updates? If I don't like it, will I be able to go back to non-Beta (if that is even a term)?

          • Beta program gives updates directly from Google. You can sign up, opt out, go back to official release you had if you don't like it. 6P works great on 7.1.1

          • You guys are lucky. There are *WAY* too many people with battery problems, its as if Google didn't even test their software before releasing it. Its beyond a joke, its less than half of what it used to be able to do. I'm on a custom ROM and Kernel now (Still Android N) and its better, but still appalling. I hope 7.1 Alpha will fix it

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