Monday , August 21 2017

Gmail quietly adds the ability to paste formatted text and images into your email


Google has released version 6.11 of its Gmail app for Android, and this actually happened a couple of weeks ago, so it isn’t exactly news. What is news though is that Google snuck in a new feature that didn’t make a lot of waves in the news cycle, at least until today when Google finally updated the changelog for the app.

The changelog says this:

Official Changelog:

You can now edit text in line or copy-paste content from the web while keeping the original text formatting.

That’s all a bit cryptic, but what it means is that you can now do on Android what you could do in Gmail on the web: paste in rich content, including formatted text and images, and Gmail for Android will honour that and reproduce it in your email.

Android itself has supported this feature for quite some time, but it requires apps to support the feature, and until now, Gmail didn’t. Previously you’d get most of the content, but it wouldn’t be as pretty, as you can see on the left, above. With the new version, you get the formatting, imagery and layout as well, which looks a lot better.

Version 6.11 should be available to you on the Play Store now, but if not, you can grab the updated version from APK Mirror.

Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free

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