Wednesday , August 23 2017

Sony shaping up to launch (at least) two new phones at MWC 2017

While Sony has spent much of CES announcing … consumer electronics … the mobile arm of the business is hard at work preparing for two new smartphones to announce at Mobile World Congress, if the latest leak is to be believed.

From what we understand, the two phones will be a revamped Xperia XZ (yes, that soon) and a New Xperia X (shown above). Of course, neither name is final, and everything is subject to change or might not eventuate, but these at least sound good.

The detailed leaked are so shaky (and blurry) at this stage that sharing them wouldn’t really tell you much more than this, but in typical Sony style, we’re expecting two very slim, well designed smartphones with very thin bezels.

Hopefully, at least in the case of the New Xperia XZ, we can see the problems with the first generation device addressed, in the form of better battery life, better camera performance, and more up-to-date hardware. As for what a New Xperia X might offer, it’s anyone’s guess, but we remain hopeful it’ll be something with a bit of wow.

Source: Slashleaks.

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Valued Guest

that bezel on the new xperia X looks tempting to get back into the Sony game… lets see how it goes.


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