Friday , January 20 2017

Get bonus FlyBuys points at Coles this week by using Android pay

Since Android Pay launched in Australia there hasn’t been a lot in the way of promotions or rewards for using the service. American Express did run a small promotion, though, and now the Coles Group has partnered with Google to offer bonus FlyBuys points with every transaction.

Between 10 January 2017 (now) and 7 February 2017, you’ll receive a bonus 5 FlyBuys points on every transaction at Coles, Coles Express, First Choice Liquor and Liquorland. Unfortunately, this isn’t open to all Android Pay customers; the promotion is limited to payments made using Android Pay with either an ANZ MasterCard®, ANZ Visa Credit or Debit card (excluding ANZ Everyday Visa Debit) or ING Debit card.

There’s a few T&C so check out the promotions website for all of the nitty gritty details.



Duncan Jaffrey   Senior Associate

  • Tony Mugan

    Hmm. Where should I be looking to activate this reward?

    • Adam Seidel

      Just use the android pay app and scan your flybuys card. No need to activate anything.

      • Tony Mugan

        Hey. I have added the card as both a New Zealand Flybuys and also Coles Flybuys.

        I’ve not had any luck using those virtual cards in coles self-serve as they use Infrared scanner rather than NFC, don’t they?

        Do I need to verify something now to activate the reward?

        • Tony Mugan

          I’ve been assuming you meant scan the card to add it to the app. I now realise I need to scan the physical card at the checkout only and then pay with Android Pay.
          Got it 🙂

          • Anthrox

            they do have another scanners in front of the checkouts now in some Coles just for your fly-buys these seem to work with the phones screens.

            hopefully the future they can just use NFC and detect you location to present the correct card.

          • Tony Mugan

            Thanks. I’ll bear that in mind if I’m in store and forget the card.
            Wish Flybuys was an NFC card.

        • Gregory Eden

          Many Australian Coles checkouts have a second scanner on the side that will work with Flybuys barcodes displayed by Stocard or Android Pay.

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