Wednesday , March 29 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be attending MWC this year, launch date unknown

Samsung’s mobile chief, DJ Koh, has told Reuters that they will not be showing off the Galaxy Note 8 at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Galaxy S range has traditionally launched at or near the annual mobile show in Spain, however, we had begun to hear rumours that the launch would be delayed, with April now leading the rumour mill as the potential date.

With the Note 7 battery issues now behind them, the tech giant likely wanted to leave a bit of breathing space between today’s press event and the launch of their most important device of the year. It is also likely, as much of the investigation into the Note 7 battery issues was only finalised in the last week, that manufacturing progress on the Galaxy S8 has been delayed, and wouldn’t be ready for a late February reveal.

We’ve got a good run down on the Galaxy S8 rumours and all it’s expected to contain. Hopefully, we can move beyond the Note 7 issues now and concentrate on looking forward to great hardware for all players.

Source: Reuters.

Duncan Jaffrey   Associate

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  • Andrew

    I prefer companies doing their own events. Separates it from all the noise of MWC.

    • Daniel Narbett

      True, but geek want shiny thing NOW!

  • niknaks

    Doesn’t bode well for MWC……Could this be another CES in the future.

  • Anthony

    I bet ya LG and Huawei are cheerin’ about this.. I’m kind of curious to see what Nokia’s gonna bring to the table tho..

  • Presto

    Hopefully we see the new devices by March/April. Not to be greedy but my contract expires then. I’d love to have a choice from a full range of manufacturers.

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