We’ve made a lot of noise about the rumours that Google are soon to launch Android Wear 2.0 on February 9. Alongside the launch of Android Wear 2.0 Google are rumoured, in partnership with LG, to launch two new smartwatches running the new platform. Now for the bad news — neither of them are officially coming to Australia.

The two watches planned for release are apparently the LG Watch Sport and the LG Watch Style. The Watch Sport is the larger watch with the higher resolution display, bigger battery and slightly more RAM. The Watch Style, which leaked in high resolution a few days ago seemed to be aimed at those users who do not want a sports-type watch on their wrist and is meant to be more stylish (hence the name).

Now our friends at Aus Business Traveller have informed us that they were told by an Australian LG representative that the stylish version is not destined for our shores.

This seems a strange decision considering the importance of the release and how we expect Google to sell them through the Play Store as they have other reference-type smartwatches. Nonetheless, we got in touch with LG ourselves, and they confirmed the sad news — neither the LG Watch Sport or LG Watch Style will be coming to Australia, with “no current plans” to bring either device here.

Are you enamoured enough by the LG Watch Style to chase it’s availability around the world and import it or are you looking for another company to provide your stylish Android Wear 2.0 fix?


The title of this story was originally “LG AU Say Google and LG’s Watch Style Reportedly Not Coming To Australia”.

Source: AusBusiness Traveller.
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I have a feeling that they are probably in talks with a launch partner. The type of launch partner that can do SIMless LTE. The watch from a marketing point of view is pretty useless and confusing if it can’t be marketed as “leave your phone at home” hence the standalone apps etc.

Joshua Hill

So there are no smartwatches for Australians through the Google Play store atm and they Google/LG partnership smartwatch won’t be available, at least at launch in Australia. Please tell me why I should care about smartwatches Google as you don’t seem to care about Australians and smartwatches.


Given smartwatch sales in general and LG’s atrocious year, they are probably trying to tread cautiously.


Given the price tag and design of this watch, I already lost my interest. Looks like this watch just a round version of Apple watch but with poor quality by LG always.

I am now expecting to see Huawei watch 2.

Daniel Orchard

I was only interested in nfc (android pay) as an upgrade to my current watch so the style was off the cards for me anyway. I hope that the sport is compatible with aus bands (sim card) else a grey import seems silly as well… maybe we will be waiting for the huawei 2 after all!

Dennis Bareis

I have no style anyway, I’ll go for the Sport 🙂


Doesn’t look like we’ll get the option… Grey market importer seems like the only option.


I find it hard to believe LG would be commenting on the availability of something that is not yet announced.

In saying that, I don’t find it hard to believe that it wouldn’t be coming to Australia


I agree WLB … but we’re waiting to hear more.

Phillip Molly Malone

Does this mean the sport is coming? Or means very little apart from a site tweeted something?


It seems AusBT has spoken to someone at LG who was prepared to talk about an unannounced product. Seems a bit of a stretch, but not unheard of. Trying to confirm the same.

Phillip Molly Malone

Sorry mate, probably a bit harsh of a comment. 😉
I personally think I’m after the Sport (if it’s the full featured one) any way! So as long as that comes here, I’m okay! 😉


Not likely at this stage.


I want one too. Hopefully Google announces worldwide availability on the launch date so I can avoid importing one and risking no warranty.