Thursday , April 27 2017

Vaya updates Unlimited XL plan; adds more data (but still isn’t exactly ‘unlimited’)

In 2017 smartphones are using more data than ever. Whether it be for streaming media, surfing the web, Facebooking or whatever we all could do with more data. Vaya have always been great value for data allowances and today have updated their “Unlimited XL” plan with even more data.

Today Vaya have increased the data allowance on their “Unlimited XL” plan from 8GB to 9GB. In a move that makes the $36 a month plan the cheapest 9GB plan on the market Vaya are signalling that they are still relevant and want your business. They use the Optus 4G network so have decent coverage as well. You can check that their coverage extended to your location on their website.

If you are happy to sign a 12 month plan with Vaya the Unlimited XL plan can be had for $33 a month.

Not only are they offering this plan but still have their “Price Beat Guarantee” active which matches the opposition’s comparable 4G non-promotional offer and provides the next month free for you.

If you are interested in this plan head on over to Vaya’s website to compare their offer to your current offer.


Scott Plowman   Senior Associate

  • Adam

    It’s worth noting the “unlimited” refers to calls and texts, and they make that clear all over their website. The sizing of the unlimited plan refers to the amount of data.

    Anything else and they would get done for misleading marketing.

    • Do people still call and/or text from phones anymore?

      • Nope, which is why carriers can offer unlimited calls and texts. Not as many use them as they used to, so their value to the carrier has dropped significantly.

        • Adam

          Tbh I find the whole thing really interesting; I do still use calls and texts, because I’ve never really seen the advantage data versions of the same services have.

          I feel that people mainly moved to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to chat many years ago, because it wouldn’t impact their monthly “limits” on texts and calls at the time.

          That was why iMessage took off so much as well seeign in America at least, they had actual limits on the *amount* of texts they could send in a month. They’d get like 300 texts per month in their plans and have to ration them.

          Nowadays, calls and text caps are so high, including “unlimited” versions like this, but people then haven’t moved back over, to conserve their data which still has fairly conservative limits.

          What do you think?

    • I know, it’s a cheap shot. I just think using the wording “unlimited” in mobile plans these days is asking for trouble.

  • jjcoolaus

    For only $4 more you can get 12GB for $40 with Optus themselves at the moment.

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