Thursday , March 30 2017

Android 7 Nougat update rolling out for S7 Edge in Australia

Samsung users rejoice: The Nougat roll out continues to their most recent generation of phones and thanks to a tip from Pete L, we know that the S7 Edge is getting it now.

The Nougat update brings a host of new features, performance improvements and a generally better user experience to devices so if you’re sporting an S7 Edge check if you’ve got an update waiting for you now because you won’t be disappointed.

Having seen the update drop for other devices you can also expect that there will be some Touchwiz tweaks to look forward to that will improve the performance and usability of your device.

If you’re an S7 Edge user, share your update experience with us

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Source: Pete L.

Phil Tann   Senior Associate

Phil is an Android enthusiast who spends most of his time reading up on U.S. Android news so he can get the low down on what could possibly hit Australian shores. Coming from a background in IT & T sales, heโ€™s in the perfect position to give an educated view on hardware and software.

  • Warren

    Just checked (on Optus) – Nougat update available and downloading now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sim

    Downloading mine (Telstra) now as well

  • Joe

    Got mine last night, been running it for a day, I came across a new feature only by chance that I don’t believe was available prior to the update, I also couldn’t find any articles on it. With ‘Always Display’ enabled, notifications that come through appear as an icon for that respective app, i.e. Whatsapp, Outlook etc. If you double tap on the icon, it actually unlocks the phone and opens that app. This leads me to believe that Samsung is capable of a ‘Double Tap To Wake’ feature same as the ones found on OnePlus phones, a feature that I miss the most when switching from my OP to Sammy.

    • corunetes

      Had the same function on a Sony. Really miss that function

      • Major Sceptic

        Also have double tap on my G5 , a nice little feature .

    • Mikhail Cass

      This was available to the Note 7.

      • Joe

        Ah was it? Cool, well I really hope they would consider the “double tap-to-wake”

  • Darren Hazelton

    I just checked, and it’s now downloading on my S7 bought outright (not on contract).

  • Warren

    I mainly wanted the update for the enhanced Always On display that Note 7 had, so all the additional features are quite the bonus ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Walter Upson

    I downloaded it and now the the phone runs slow and locks up and the phone is very hot with out holding it and I keep on getting a message “the IMS service has stopped”

  • robin young

    I downloaded last night. I’m also getting message ims service has stopped. My phone is terrible. Freezing all the time. Only does this with Optus sim card. Works very well with Telstra sim. I’ve read it’s something to do with backing up messages but I can’t find any setting to stop this. I wish I hadn’t done the update.

    • Steelo

      Do a factory reset. Assuming you have backed up your phone, you will almost be back to where you left off beforehand but everything will run smooth again.

      • Daniel P

        Factory reset won’t help with this issue unfortunately. I tried clearing cache them full reset. Failing that i tried a reinitialisation with smart switch which reflashes firmware and wipes. That didn’t help either. Knowing to Enable volte would have saved me a lot of frustration. Samsung are telling people they need to send their phones in for repair, so they don’t even know about this issue

        • Steelo

          OK fair enough. Lift your game Samsung! I could never understand why some of the best settings or features are switched off by default.

  • SachmoJoe

    Can confirm ๐Ÿ™‚ Running like a dream and still providing 6+ hours screen on time.

  • Daniel P

    Optus users!! You need to turn on VoLTE to fix that damned Ims service has stopped error. Samsung tech support couldnt even help me with that, i discovered the fix by accident. They tried to tell me i interrupted the upgrade process. So glad to see its not just me. Go into settings -> connections -> mobile networks.

    • Walter Upson

      thanks Samsung couldn’t help with this and they wanted me to send it to there tech to fix after they they said to do a master reset and it still was there popping up

    • tony michael

      Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve noticed that you can turn of VoLTE after turning it on and there is still no problem

    • Joe

      Interesting after the update i noticed the VoLTE icon, so I assumed it enables it by default, otherwise a good find ๐Ÿ™‚

  • robin young

    Thank you so much Daniel. It worked!!! Very happy now. Thanks for posting your solution.

  • aaron

    im with optus and no ims problems and VoLTE is off still so somthing must have gone wrong in install or download but there is a proper fix for this problem look it up and u can fix if not ill post solution if no one eles does

    • Daniel P

      hey mate, just to clarify im on a unlocked mobile i bought outright using an optus sim. It most certainly was not any of the issues that were listed on other forums over the past few months. I tried clearing cache in recovery menu, clearing cache and data of message app, and a full factory reset. None of that helped, so I used Smart Switch to do a full reinitialisation of the phone which re-downloads and reupdates the firmware. The error was popping up again before i even got to start configuring the phone after the reset. The fix i posted earlier has also been posted on other forums now and it is working for many people. This is not an isolated case

    • Daniel P

      Also, Samsung were no help last night when i contacted them about it, they said the same as you, that no one else is having issues and i must have a corrupted download, or i must have interrupted the firmware update. They told me that i had likely damaged the phone somehow and would have to send it in for repair which would likely be at my own cost. Clearly this isnt the case though and im guessing an official fix will be issued soon enough. Just a quick question, hows your battery life after the update. Im not sure if mine has taken a hit or if i was just playing around with it a lot today after the update

  • aaron

    clear the cache and data of the Messages app. with volte of it should now be fine

  • Shea Quinn

    Still waiting for mine (telstra) which is funny because my best friend is a Samsung rep and she said it should have been pushed to all by now.

    • Joe

      Mine is the international model not sure about carriers but I did read somewhere that some carriers had to delay the update due to a critical issue

    • Erynne Maree Campbell

      Oooo pls tell your friend to tell Samsung to bring back the option of using 3rd party fonts!! I hate the fonts they’re forcing us to use!!

  • Daniel Pearson

    Any ideas when we can expect it for the non-edge S7?

    • Pete Lindley

      A colleague said his S7 received it yesterday.

    • Daniel P

      My phone that i had the issues with is a non-edge, so i guess they must still be rolling out in stages

  • Steelo

    Confirming the update is available for the S7 (non Edge) too. I just want to reiterate that this is a major version update, not just some incremental bug fix – it’s in your best interest to install the update then do a factory reset to remove any residual files that may cause your phone to have issues or be sluggish. If you’ve backed up everything (considering it does it automatically once set up, why wouldn’t you?!) then you will be almost back to where you left off before the reset (apart from some settings, having to login to apps etc).

  • Simran Bains

    I’ve flashed the Nougat Beta (UK version firmware) onto my S7 edge unlocked. Can I flash all the files from XSA version (downloaded from SamMobile or something)? And will this allow future OTA XSA updates onto my phone? Thanks

  • Paul b

    Hi I have an s7 edge with telstra and I have not received the new update yet. Is there anything I can do to make it happen?

  • Jayson Mair

    I have a Samsung S7 Edge and got the update 2 days ago and it’s pretty good so far. Quite different looking in the functionality of some areas like messages and settings. It also tells me what programs have been ‘put to sleep’ in the background so the phone runs more efficiently which i was surprised and liked. Im still getting used to it and all the different features. J!

  • Jack Cutler

    I saw it on my update page yesterday but didn’t download as I was on mobile data. Check again today and it’s disappeared… WTF?!?!?

    • Daniel P

      yeh my wifes phone cant get it any more either. i guess they pulled the update due to it killing some peoples phones. I guess that means they’re admitting theres an issue finally rather than blaming the users.

  • Taleim

    Nice to finally have it.. Shame that it’s only 7.0, not 7.1.1 like everywhere else. Wonder when we’re getting that? Also does anyone have issues with keyboard lag, on both marshmallow and nougat? Driving me a bit mad

  • Psum Wahn

    S7 edge on telstra, still waiting for the update

    • Damien

      Same! Surprised Vodafone got it before us considering there were reports that they had issues during testing and had to request a fixed firmware from Samsung. All that and they were still able to launch first…

    • Jamie S

      My wife’s Telstra branded S7 just got the update

  • Pre-ordered (XSA?) S7 Edge on Telstra – still nada

  • Warren

    I seem to be having major wifi issues on nougat – anyone else having problems?

  • nic85

    s7 edge unbranded. got the notification of 7 update last week, now it’s gone ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Psum Wahn

    I just checked the Telstra device update page which now says “approved awaiting deployment” with an eta of 28-2-17

  • Jamie S

    My wife’s Telstra branded S7 just got the update.

    • Psum Wahn

      Yup, got the update today also

  • Mayank Seth

    Bought S7Edge outright and still no update ๐Ÿ™

    • nic85

      it was out, they canceled it

      • nic85

        update is back!

  • CesMD

    “IMS Service has stopped” and “com.sec.edpg has stopped” are pooping nostop and I can’t do anything on my S7 edge. The screen is frozen and unresponsive to anything even to power off or restart until it already drained my battery. What do I do?

    • nic85

      no problems here… just do a reset

      • Denis Allworden

        Reset does not work. Have the same problem, reset twice, still have the same issue. – just reset. Bad advice in this case

        • Aaron

          So far no issues on my S7 edge after update today, is you S7 edge telco branded or unbranded?

          • Denis Allworden

            Optus Australia, update worked fine since the day it was released in Australia until today.

  • KP

    After the update, my Andriod auto is play up while pairing with my car. It’s keep showing “Searching GPS” on the car screen while navigating. I’ve checked my GPS (Google Maps and Andriod Auto) was working fine but when pairing my phone with car. Everything was working perfectly before my S7 edge got an update to Nougat. Can some body figure out why this happening? ( My car is 2016 Holden Captiva )

  • Freddie Sarah

    Ive got s7 latist software.
    M having problem with 5ghz wifi conection.
    Any help?????

  • Clive

    I dont like the new layout i.e phonebook msgs emails all pure whie almost plus this vo)LTE is annoying whats that do. Feel like i got a htc or different type of Android

    • mick0h

      u can switch voice over lte via settings > network > mobile networks > VoLTE

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