Monday , April 24 2017

PSA: Google Assistant has started arriving on other phones in Australia

It looks as if Google has kept its word on the roll-out of Google Assistant to all Android phones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher. Announced just two weeks ago, the roll-out seems to have arrived in Australia, with Ausdroid’s Huawei P10 receiving Assistant this afternoon, and readers contacting us via social media to tell us that it has arrived on their phones, too. At this stage, Patrick has told us that Assistant has arrived on his Nexus 6.

At this stage, it appears that an update to Google Play Services is required. Patrick has Google Play Services version 10.5.37 (430-148250145), and we’re running the same version, however this was updated last night, and Assistant did not immediately appear. Regardless, here’s how it looks when Assistant shows up:

Have you received Google Assistant on your phone? The following phones have received it according to our readers:

  • Huawei P10
  • Nexus 6
  • OnePlus 3T
  • Moto G4 Plus
  • Sony Xperia X (F5122) running Nougat

It seems, at this stage, to get it working you need to use US English, make sure you’ve got the most up to date Google Play Services, and then (for some users) reboot your phone. Assistant may then show up.

Let us know what model and software version in the comments so everyone else can see where it’s up to.


Chris Rowland   Editor and Publisher

  • Blundz

    Aww, I thought I was special. I’m in the beta for Android, Google App and Google Play Services

  • Dean Rosolen

    Not seeing it on my Nexus 5X (running on build N4F26T) yet.

    EDIT: Did you mean version 10.5.37 (440-148250145) for the Google Play Services version? I can understand the typo since 3 and 4 are next to each other.

  • Matt Booth

    If you don’t want to wait, set your language to English United States and reboot, should get it shortly after. Worked for me on a Oneplus 3T. I changed back to English Australia and lost it. Back to English US and it appeared again, so that’s what does it.

  • Joshua Walker

    I just received it a couple of hours ago on my Moto G4 Plus

  • Creamy meme

    LG v20, beta Google app and services. Nothing yet even after switching language.

  • Ron

    OnePlus 3t. Got assistant on US English and beta Google play and services.

  • Andy

    Got it on my 6P this afternoon, was set to US English and the beta version of Google app.

  • Paul

    MotoG4plus – got Google assistant after updating Google Play Services to 10.5.37 and setting language to US English. Activated after turning phone off and on and pressing the circle (middle) button

  • HJ

    Got it activated on my Galaxy S7 Edge after installing the beta 10.5.37 Google Play Service version. I had my language set to US English but it still works upon setting Australian English back to default.

    • HJ

      Update: not sure why but it seems to have stopped appearing on my phone since this morning (home launches Google search instead).

  • Adam J

    Assistant working on Moto Z Play (Aust retail) after Google App update. Just don’t enable Moto’s own launch phrase otherwise it seems to revert.

  • Barry

    I have it on my Nexus 5X. Not sure when it arrived but I got the March security update today. Google Play services version 10.2.98.

  • Ryan Martin

    Got it tonight on Galaxy S6 Edge (English US)

  • Tom Guymer

    Got it tonight on my Droid turbo 2

  • mark s

    I can get it on my Nexus 6p in the UK if i set the language to English US

  • Murray

    I’ve got it on my Pixel & Nexus 5, not on my Nexus 7 yet.

  • Justin Lynch

    Got it on my nexus 6p. Do we now have all the features in Austria? Like I can’t work out how to change the news settings. It keeps saying I don’t have any news settings setup when I ask what’s the news.

  • Mick Servodio

    Anyone with a Mi Max in Australia have it yet? Don’t want to change my language to US.

  • Null Terra

    Changed language to English US.
    Updated play services to 10.5.37 (not sure if I needed to update to activate assistant download, but updating “seemed” to accommodate assistant activation). Nexus 6P – Android 7.1.2

  • Dean Rosolen

    Looks like Google have forgotten the English (Australia) part of the rollout given the comments. Not a fan of changing my system language.

    • Mick Servodio

      Me neither. Don’t really want to hear that American accent on my phone. LOL. 😉

      • ItzMinion3993

        changing to US doesn’t really do much and i can’t really notice an american accent.

        • Dean Rosolen

          Still shouldn’t be required though.

  • John Smith

    Changed to us English and it worked but then it suddenly stopped and now doesn’t work no matter what. Any fixes or maybe they’re trying to get Australian English working?

    • Dean Rosolen

      I hope they’re trying to get Australian English working. Not gonna change to US English just for Google Assistant.

      • John Smith

        US english worked after uninstalling/reinstalling google app
        Worked on Aus english for a while but it reverted to google now.
        I find google now is better in some ways, i can use it with the phone locked, but assistant just wants me to set up “trusted voice” which unlocks the phone, but I can give Now commands and THEN unlock the phone to execute them. Kind of a downgrade. And Assistant doesn’t work in landscape, it re-rotates the screen to portrait

  • edgardo amaya

    Changed to US English on my Galaxy Note Edge and got it. Also on the beta version, so I’m guessing that helped.

  • Josh

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYA Just arrived on my Charcoal Nexus 5X 32gb after switching to us English language updating Google and restarting my phone I highly recommend assistant really useful

  • ItzMinion3993

    Changed to English (United States) got the update AND BAM woke up with google assistant on my Nexus 6P.

  • Really

    Oppo R9S has it

  • Alex

    Got to ask, does anyone on Telstra have it?

    • Ian Hahn

      Had it for a hour on s7 edge with Telstra then disappeared

      • Null Terra

        Broke for me as well. #Justsayin, I put US English first, Aus second… in voice and keyboard settings, restarted phone. Assistant came back. Who knows? It may be the Google Gods tinkering.

        • Kilapeno

          Exactly the same for me (S7 Edge Telstra)

  • Brynn

    still no update for google play on my s7 edge.
    I’m with Virgin is anyone else having trouble?

  • Brynn

    my Play Store version is 7.5.08 146162341

  • Ross Gelling

    Nothing yet on my HTC 10 running Android 7.0 I’ve tried changing the language as well as clearing the cache in both the Google App and Google Play Services

  • andrew spice (spicerackk)

    Got it today on LG G5 on Optus running Android Nougat 7.0, with GPS at version 10.5.42. Changed language to English US, restarted the phone and voila! There it was!

  • hoboonthegogo

    Doesn’t everyone find that changing to U.S. English severely lessens voice recognition accuracy? I did it ages ago when “ok google” from any screen was first released (and only worked on U.S. English) and promptly changed back to aus as voice recognition accuracy went down the toilet…

  • travesty triplethree

    just received on s7, AUS english.

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