Friday , April 28 2017

Exclusive: Telstra pricing for upcoming LG G6 leaks a week ahead of local launch

The LG G6 isn’t due to launch in Australia for another ten days or so, but already the pricing for Telstra customers has leaked thanks to @bios_leaks, giving us a good look at what the outright pricing through Telstra and other retailers as well.

From the information we’ve seen, the outright price through Telstra will be $1,008, with plan price starting at $27 on the $55 plan, dropping off to $0 handset repayments on the $135 plan and above. For those taking advantage of Telstra’s Go Mobile Swap (leasing) plans, handset prices start at $17 a month on the $55 plan, $6 on the $75 plan, and free on the $95 plan and above.

Here’s the full pricing tables for the LG G6:

Telstra Mobile Plan $55 plan $75 plan $95 plan $135 plan $195 plan
Go Mobile Plus $27 $16 $6 $0 $0
Go Mobile Swap $17 $6 $0 $0 $0

What else can we tell you? At this stage, the LG G6 will not be Telstra Blue Tick certified, meaning that it probably won’t have as good reception as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 in fringe reception areas, given the S6 and S7 were both blue ticked.

However, that probably matters less than the outright price. While the $1,008 is an odd number, it does very strongly hint at a retail price around the $1000 mark, which makes it potentially $100 to $300 cheaper than the Samsung launches have been for the last couple of years. Coming to market sooner, priced more aggressively, and offering a genuine alternative to Samsung’s products this year … it all adds up to LG being in a commanding position.

With this pricing, will you be interested in the LG G6?


Chris Rowland   Editor and Publisher

  • Snoozin

    Thanks for the info Chris. I think though, if I do upgrade my G4 I’ll get a grey version when the price drops. Which will also give me time to see what the reviews are like. Plus, my current Telstra plan I can use my credit on google play, which is a must for an Android phone.

  • Malcolm B

    The G6 looks like a very compelling buy at around $1000. If I can get an unlocked one at retail for that price, I think I’ll do so.

    • Malcolm B

      I’m assuming no wireless charging in AUS though?

      • Jamie S

        Nope unfortunately. I really like the G6 too and LG have done a great job with the pricing. After shelling out $1250 for an S7 edge it’s nice to see a flagship at around 1K.

        • Gypsy_on_Crack

          How did you find out the variant Australians will be getting?

          • Jamie S

            As far as I am aware, from all reports wireless charging is exclusive to the US only.
            Edit: There’s a good article on bgr dot com on 28 Feb about it.

          • Gypsy_on_Crack

            Sorry, I thought South Korea was getting wireless charging as well.

          • Jamie S

            Nope, I think they get the quad dac

    • Fred

      It’s better than the massive overpricing for the ‘flagships’, but with the many lacks, and the ‘last generation’ nature of this, it’s still too expensive.

      I’ve a feeling this will be ~$600 on the grey market before very long.

    • Shakeel Ali

      Every phone Telstra sells on a post paid plan is unlocked.

      • Malcolm B

        Fair enough but I don’t want one on a Telstra plan. I’d also prefer it not be a carrier model with slow carrier updates.

  • Andrew

    That’s a very reasonable outright price.

  • dil

    Now we just have to see how limited the colour options are..

  • aaricku

    Until the phone malfunction in 13mths and you wish you paid an extra $300 for a Samsung because LG will find any excuse to not fix it under warranty

    • Malcolm B

      Unfortunately that’s been my exact experience with Samsung – no responsibility taken for failures, no communication and no accountability for their level of service. Couldn’t get any worse with LG I’m afraid.

      • aaricku

        You’ll be surprise at how much worst LG can be. And I don’t believe Samsung phones have known defects across all their flagship model that they quietly acknowledge, but does not fix for all affected like LG does.

        • Malcolm B

          I don’t know about that. Some users are still waiting for refunds for their recalled Note7s. Many users are reporting “pink line” issues with their S6 and S7 Edges and after not even acknowledging the fault and blaming users, Samsung are only now starting to promise assistance to some users, while ignoring others.

          They’ve also had many others issues over the years for which they’ve taken no responsibility such as prematurely swollen batteries in S4s, S5s and Note 2, 3 and 4s and fires caused by their home appliances which they have again been at best to slow to react and at worst, in denial.

          I’ve also had personal experience with a failed screen on an overheating Note 4 that Samsung accepted no responsibility for while also failing to return any promised calls and changing their story on more than one occasion to deflect responsibility.

          All companies have their faults I guess but I’ve seen real examples of some very shoddy service and a poor customer safety attitude from Samsung in recent times that seems persistent and serious.

          • aaricku

            Fair enough. I can only speak from experience as well. I’ve had 4 Samsung Smartphone, including the note 7 (which was sadly returned and refunded + Bonus 256gb microsd to keep) and have not had much issues besides my very used note 3’s wifi eventually playing up.. I had the LG G4 with bootloop issue AU Stock that is still not resolved for half a year

    • Been using a G3 daily for the last 2yrs with no issues.

  • daft009

    After the G4 debacle, never buying LG again. 2 handsets both with issues. One about to go in for a third repair within 2yrs

  • boy

    Not sure if this is 100% accurate but I was told by a Telstra Corporate Employee that the blue tick is a certification that Telstra charges manufacturers and it is only Samsung who is willing to stump the cash for the certification.

    • Shakeel Ali

      Not entirely true. Yes manufacturers pay for the testing, but a lot of non-samsung handsets are currently blue tick certified, even the iPhone 6s was blue tick.

      • boy

        But the iphone 7 and 7s got it so either the phones aren’t getting the blue tick because of poor reception or manufacturers aren’t paying for the certification?

        Only Samsung and two Telstra own brand phones have the tick at the moment?

  • Paul Cobden

    I live in a bit of a black hole area for reception. My wife’s iPhone 6s is fine, my daughter’s cheap Samsung is fine, my LG V20 is terrible, basically useless. We’re all with Telstra. I’m sure the Blue Tick is for better reception in low reception areas. I would get the G6 if it had the Blue Tick but looks like Samsung will get my money next time as I need reception.

  • twister286

    Are we getting the 64GB model? And does the Aussie model have the hifi DAC?

    • Chris Johnson

      According to LG’s website, we’re getting the 32GB model with the Hifi DAC! I’m really excited about that. Wireless charging is a nice but ultimately unnecessary need for me, but the Hifi DAC is going to see a LOT of use. If indeed I decide to go for the G6, that’s going to be something that heavily influences my decision.

      • twister286

        Doesn’t mention Hifi DAC (it does so explicitly for the V20)…I see mention of dual mics but no 32-bit HiFi DAC…

        • boy

          it says no wireless charging on the website spec’s so I’d assume we are getting the other version which had the DAC ?

  • Andrew White

    No info on whether quad dac will be available here.
    One internal storage option…32GB and 2 colours, maybe.
    This will be LG’s ‘no frills’ base model.
    Question – where to buy the 64GB version in black with the the dac overseas?

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