The launch of any phone of the expected caliber of the Galaxy S8 is exciting, and of course once you have your phone you want some accessories to go along with it – and now we have a look at them.

The leak has come courtesy of, who earlier this week gave us our first look at an actual DeX dock which will give desktop capabilities to the phone. Now there’s a clearer look at the dock and a list of accessories including screen protectors, battery pack, wireless charger and of course covers.

Along with the LED View Cover, Keyboard Cover and others like the Clear Cover and 2-Pieces Cover there’s some new entries.

The Clear View Standing Cover which looks like the perfect companion for media consumers and the Silicone Cover which will come in ‘Millenial Colours’ and offer a good grip for total device protection and finally, the Alcantara cover, a cover which is made of a soft microfibre material and comes with an NFC chip – what for? We don’t know.

You’ll also be able to nab yourself an official screen protector, wireless charging dock which converts to a desktop stand and 5,100mAh Battery Pack, which of course will be USB-C and support fast charging.

Prices for the accessories are in Euros, but generally match up to Australian pricing at least for the covers. For the dock and other accessories we’ll have to wait for the local launch:

  • Samsung Clearview Standing Cover – 59,99 Euro
  • Samsung LED View Cover – 59,99 Euro
  • Samsung Keyboard Cover – 59,99 Euro
  • Samsung Alcantara Cover – 44,99 Euro
  • Samsung Silicone Cover – 29,99 Euro
  • Samsung Clear Cover – 19,99 Euro
  • Samsung 2-Pieces Cover – 19,99 Euro
  • Samsung Screen Protector – 12,99 Euro
  • Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible – 79.99 Euro
  • Samsung DeX Station – 149.99 Euro
  • Samsung Battery Pack (Fast Charging) – 69,99 Euro

For more pics of the cases, including colours you can check out, and we’ll be getting Australian availability and pricing for the accessories as soon as we can.

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    Sachin Bahal

    Is it just me or has more stuff leaked about the Galaxy S8 than any other Samsung flagship phone


    It’s not just you. That’s definitely the case. It’s been ridiculous this year.