Tuesday , August 22 2017

15% off Google Home, Chromecast and more through Good Guys’ eBay store

If you’re just holding off for a bit of a discount on Google Home, Chromecast or some other electronic goodie, then now might be the time thanks to Good Guys and eBay.

The deal is simple: head to the Good Guys eBay store and start shopping. There’s great deals, including Google Home which is marked as $199 in the store but like anything else in their eBay store, when you use the code “PGOOD15” at checkout you’ll get a 15% discount.

You can Click and Collect in-store, or choose to get any of your deals delivered for an additional $5.

Head over and check it out now.

What’s the best deal you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments


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5 Comments on "15% off Google Home, Chromecast and more through Good Guys’ eBay store"

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Ordering Aussie stock is always good in my opinion.

Valued Guest

20% off at stores.ebay.com/buymobileau with code PLAYER

Valued Guest

Chromecast audio only no home, no wifi.

Ausdroid Director

What are you talking about? The 15% discount works on Google Home when I tested it.

Valued Guest

Sorry it was meant to say I could not find them, a search of the ebay store only found chromecast audio. I checked the ink after and found the item so thanks for that, was a cash-saver.

BTW that reCAPTCHA sucks is most of the time wrong and a pain in the you know what. Always says invalid code so I have to change browsers and devices to get it to work.


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