One of the advantages of this software world we live in is that it’s possible to imbue your existing hardware with new features, assuming its hardware can support them. Bluetooth is one such technology, with some existing Bluetooth 4.x hardware able to updated to Bluetooth 5. According to a few filings from HTC this month, it looks like that’s exactly what the maker of the U11 is planning.

HTC has made applications to the FCC to “enable Bluetooth 5.0 by software without any hardware change”, in several SKUs of their latest flagship the HTC U11. What does this mean? Well if you’ve got an HTC U11 or you’re thinking of getting one and having the latest in Bluetooth connectivity to use with some future accessory is important to you then it’s likely that the U11 will get the update soon.

The update will bring the HTC made U11 into line with the likes of the Samsung S8 and S8 Plus which launched with BT 5.0. What tangible benefits will you get with BT 5.0? Technically the new Bluetooth standard has longer range, lower power use and higher transmission bandwidth. Unfortunately, without a BT 5.0 device as your accessory, you won’t be getting these benefits. That said, with most of us hanging on to our devices for 2 years or more, it’s highly likely that the Bluetooth 5.0 standard will start to show up in more accessories over time, and having a device that can use them is better than having one that won’t.

If you’ve got an HTC U11 keep an eye out for an update that may just give your hardware new features.

Source: FCC.