A little over a week after Articuno and Lugia appeared as the first Legendary Pokémon in Niantic Labs hit game Pokémon Go, Moltres has begun appearing today.

The addition of Moltres was announced by Niantic through the app by way of a push notification, and has been confirmed by sightings in the game. Moltres, a fire-type bird Pokémon and Team Valor mascot is now showing up on Gyms around the world with the corresponding crowds of trainers making their way to attempt to take the legendary Pokémon down and add it to their Pokédex.

The addition of Moltres is the third of the Legendary Pokémon to appear, and the second mascot of the three teams in Pokémon Go to appear. Team Mystic was first to see their mascot, Articuno, appear thanks to their efforts catching multiple Pokémon during the ill-fated Chicago event that launched the Pokémon. Team Instinct (the Yellow team) is still waiting on their mascot, Zapdos, an electric type Pokémon to appear, but so far Niantic Labs hasn’t announced when we’ll see it.

If you’re a keen Pokémon Trainer, then grab your team mates and head out to find the latest Legendary Pokémon to join the game.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO
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    Huh I thought this app was finished and we had all grown up 🙂


    Niantic have announced publicly that Zapdos would be released on August 8th for exactly 1 week ending 14th August. Moltres, like Articuno will last just 1 week until August 7th.