Tuesday , August 22 2017

Google Play Protect features now appearing for some users

Back at Google I/O earlier this year we heard about Google Play Protect, a new feature set that Google are using to keep your device safe from Malicious applications. What appears to be a staggered (not unusual) server side update from Google has started giving some users visibility of the user facing side of this.

What we’ve seen this morning is initially a notification in the updates tab there there are no problems found, you can also here manually trigger a scan of your apps in this same tab. Seeing this triggered some investigation.

A quick look in the Play Store found that you’ll now have “Play Protect” as a tab. Inside that you have a find out more to read up on what Play Protect is and how it works, a list of the recently scanned apps, a current status and the option to turn on or off the local scan for your device. I’m happy to say there’s no problems found on my device, have you checked yours yet?

Do you rely on Google, or do you use a third party protection for your device?


Phil Tann   Journalist

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