Google’s next-gen video calling app Duo may be getting some new features soon, with lead engineer for Duo Justin Uberti hinting as much on Twitter.

The hints came in response to Mr Uberti tweeting the announcement from Google that the Assistant would soon be available on a range of Smart Displays.

The question is asked and the simple ‘yes’ response indicates that a web presence, as well as group calling (and improved audioo quality) may be in the offing.

As far as improving audio quality goes I can’t say I’ve had issues with Duo audio quality when using it (I actually use Duo, unlike Allo).

The idea of a web app is also appealing broadening the ability of users to use Duo along the same lines as Allo which launched its web app in August last year. Some would prefer a dedicated app, however a web app is more in line with Google’s web focus.

Group calling would also be a very much welcome, I hadn’t actually used this until quite recently (thanks to my 4 year old nephew initiating one with my entire family), but it was a very positive experience.

Of course there’s no word on when we’ll see these features but from responses to any news on Allo or Duo news, the majority of users are fast getting tired of the gradual feature releases on both platforms. Hopefully both Duo and Allo can increase their usefulness in a faster time frame.

Source: @juberti.