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CyanogenMod Installer application removed from the Play Store

Almost exactly two weeks ago, the CyanogenMod team released their installer app onto the Google Play Store, in a move designed to make switching to the custom ROM a much easier proposition for first-time users. However, while the app is relatively simple — all it does is guide users to enable ADB on their devices — it seems that the prospect of unwary users voiding their warranty and moving to a custom ROM is enough to make Google a little uncomfortable. One of the CyanogenMod maintainers had this to say on their website: Today, we were contacted by the Google... Continue reading

Nexus 5 appears on Telstra’s website, will cost $69/mo

Well would you look at that, Telstra's website is now showing the Nexus 5 alongside a minimum price of $69/mo. The link to the device's own webpage is dead (for now), however, the pre-order link works perfectly fine. There's no shipping date on the site, but the 26th of November seems likely -- in corroboration with information given to us. It looks as though Telstra will be the first carrier to take the Nexus 5 on board, most likely because of their strong relationship with LG. Continue reading

Telstra to begin selling the Nexus 5 starting November 26

According to a source of ours, Telstra could be selling the Nexus 5 as soon as November 26th -- a little over a week and a half away. Details remain scarce for now, however, this source has been good to us in the past. Pricing is not yet confirmed for both on-contract plans and any outright costings, however, Telstra has a proven track record of beefing up the prices well and truly beyond any meaningful cost. So we'll see how that pans out. It's also unclear how software updates will work. Overseas the Nexus 5 will be updated by... Continue reading

CyanogenMod debuts its one-click installer in the Play Store

In a move sure to bring CyanogenMod to more users, the team have released a one-click installer to put its custom firmware on compatible Android devices. Installation seems fairly simple, with users needing a compatible device, Windows PC and a USB cable. The companion app -- for Windows only, at this stage -- will be available later todayis now available to download. Steve Kondik, co-founder of CyanogenMod, said: Our goal for the installer has always been to allow more users to experience the benefits of CyanogenMod, without the hassles of technical guides and concerns associated with the process. More than 8... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 with Cat4 4G launches November 12 on Telstra

Telstra are looking to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 with Cat4 4G on November 12 according to a source. The device is identical, in terms of design and most of its hardware, to the Galaxy S4 except the Cat4 4G version supports a faster 4G connection thanks to a newer radio in the device as well as Telstra's Cat4 4G network with 20MHz of contiguous spectrum -- currently in very few places, Perth is one. All of Telstra's Cat4 4G devices are rated at 150Mbps peak downlink speed, with Cat3 maxing out at a 'measly' 100Mbps. You can obviously... Continue reading

Google+’s automatic image uploading re-branded as Google Photos

As many of you may have known, Google+ introduced automatic image uploading a while back, but in an update rolling out to users right now, this particular service is being renamed Google Photos and now has its own icon and a bunch of settings to play around with. The Google Photos app is a direct extension of Google+, but also allows viewing of images from Google Drive and Picasa as well -- it's essentially connecting all of Google's photo sharing services. If you haven't yet received the update, we've found a way to force the update. We found the Continue reading

Small things: Nexus 5 in Australia will display ’4G’ instead of ‘LTE’

When your Nexus 5 makes it into your hot little hands you will never have noticed the change LG have made to the icon it displays when on a 4G network here in Australia. Instead of displaying 'LTE' in the status bar, like it would in the US, it will instead display '4G'. Yep, now you know. There's no real reasoning behind it, it's just the way 4G is marketed in different countries. hammerhead: Show 4G icon instead of LTE in Australia So feel free to add that to list of useless trivia you have about Google's latest and greatest... Continue reading

Download the Nexus 5 wallpapers right here

After a quick tear down of the Nexus 5 factory image, we've managed to track down the launcher and extract the wallpapers for you to download and enjoy on your own devices. The images are surprisingly high resolution so they'll look immaculate on displays of all resolutions -- especially 1080p mobile devices. Continue reading

Don’t want to use Hangouts as your default SMS app? Check out 8sms

As you may have heard, Google+ Hangouts will be the default SMS messaging app on Android 4.4, but it doesn't have to be that way if Hangouts isn't your cuppa' tea. As has always been the case with Android, you can set another app as your default messaging app, and that's where 8sms -- amongst other SMS clients -- comes to the rescue. 8sms started off as the messaging client for CyanogenMod -- it's the stock Android client we're all used to but with a few tweaks and added options. It supports emoji, MMS, screen-wake notifications, pop-up notifications,... Continue reading

Box updates Android app, mentions support for Android 4.4

Cloud syncing service, Box, has just updated their app in the Play Store and the What's New section is 2 lines long; the first line caught our tipster's attention: "Support for Android 4.4 (KitKat)". What this means exactly is unknown; are top developers -- of which Box is one -- allowed access to the Android 4.4 SDK before everyone else, and if so, what major changes require an update just to support Android 4.4. Or this could just be a hoax to get people to talk about Box, but hey, we can't be too sure now can we. Continue reading

Samsung reportedly starting mass production of curved batteries

Samsung is on the verge of producing curved batteries according to a ZDNet report. This comes as Samsung has shown off the Galaxy Round that will be launching in the companies home country of South Korea. Whether the two will go hand in hand remains to be seen, however, Samsung appear to be very keen in the area of curved devices -- it's just a step closer to flexible devices, though I doubt we're going to see flexible batteries any time soon. The first batteries are likely to... Continue reading

Google Play Store now has a cleaner look when purchasing a Nexus 7

Google have quietly updated the design of the 'Devices' section of the Play Store, making it cleaner and easier to navigate when selecting the variations of a device. So far it has only rolled out to the Nexus 7, though it's certain to hit all future devices as well -- where's that new Nexus everyone is talking about? The new design allows you to choose which storage variations as well as connectivity options if they're available. If you choose a 32GB model with LTE, but then swap back to a 16GB model, you'll be notified that LTE isn't available on... Continue reading

17 of Google’s own apps have been updated in the past few days, ready for KitKat

A keen Reddit user has spotted Google updating their apps despite no roll out in order to prepare them for KitKat's (Android 4.4) launch in what feels like a few days. 17 of the apps have their last update set at October 28th or 29th yet only some of the updates have rolled out to users. Those apps are: Analytics Blogger Calendar Chrome Drive Earth Fiber Gmail Goggles Google+ Google Play Services Hangouts Keep Play Magazines Snapseed Translate Wallet I think at this point it's very clear that Google have got everything set up and ready to go. All we... Continue reading