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Telstra announces HTC Wildfire

Well this comes as no surprise as we've been onto this since the start, but Telstra has now made it official. They will be releasing the HTC Wildfire in August, although no pricing has been announced, Telstra have stated that pricing will be "aggressive" just like it was with the HTC Desire, and that it will be priced lower than the Desire. Well, we bloody hope so. Telstra are pretty much marketing it as the Desire, but smaller & more social network oriented. The HTC Wildfire is a direct opponent to both the... Continue reading

Google App Inventor makes creating Android Apps simple for everyone

Google has created a program that allows people who aren't typical programmers, to create simple (& sometimes sophisticated) Applications for the Android Platform. Pretty cool idea if you ask me. App Inventor itself is still in beta and you have to sign up to a notifications list and be chosen to use it, at the moment. But once open to the public, I think it'll be quite useful. A video of what it can do after the break. (more…) Continue reading

HTC Ace to be the GSM variant of the EVO 4G — Are you interested?

The HTC EVO 4G is one of the greatest Android Devices to be released this year, no doubt about it. But the sad thing is that it's a CDMA/WiMax device, so it won't work on Australian Carriers at all. But this could soon change. Enter the rumours of the HTC Ace, well, they're not really rumours at all. HTC's Eric Lin -- the same man who told us about Froyo coming at Christmas -- has said this over the weekend: “But I definitely think that because of all of the interest that people have had in the Evo, and... Continue reading

Google lacks interest for Android App development in Australia?

So you may have noticed there aren't all that many Apps made by Aussie Developers on the Android Market, and the ones that are there are all free apps. But why is that? It's because Google does not allow Developers from Australia (and some other countries) to submit paid Applications to the Market. This does little to stir up motivation for Developers to put time & effort into great Applications for the Android Platform, and somewhat pushes them to Apple where they can create and submit paid Applications and get a small (and often large) profit back from it. if... Continue reading

HTC says Froyo update by Christmas

I don't know what's worse: knowing that I'm going to have to wait 6 months for Android 2.2 on my Desire. Or knowing what HTC's getting me for Christmas. "I would believe that we would be done with our Froyo updates before Christmas." - Eric Lin, HTC global PR Either way, it's a bit of a let down. After speculation that HTC was already testing Froyo on the Desire and other devices, they have come and said that they are working hard on the update, but they want everything to be working as well as they want. Well HTC,... Continue reading

HTC Wildfire for Telstra rumours confirmed?

UPDATE: The site has been locked down, funny timing hey? We still got our screenshot, Telstra. ;) I received a tip off from one of our readers this morning, of a website he stumbled up on after tracking down what website they use to view the recipes on MasterChef using the T-Boxes (I kid you not). Now on this website, it also has a device testing area with different images to view and a whole heap of timers, ra ra ra. Hit the break to see the screenshot. (more…) Continue reading

Telstra HTC Desire stock becoming scarce

After some of the discussion going on in the Ausdroid Forums, we've found that getting hands on the HTC Desire from Telstra is becoming harder & harder by the day. Furthermore I've received word that Telstra Shops have been sent an email stating that there is a World Wide Shortage on the Desire. And for those of you not sure why, production of the Desire is taking longer due to the lack of AMOLED Displays available from Samsung. To fix the problem HTC are looking to use SLCD (Super LCD) Displays from Sony. So if... Continue reading

Motorola Australia giving away a Milestone each week via Facebook

What do you do when you want people to know about your phone? You start giving them away for free! And that is exactly what Motorola Australia plan to do. Throughout July, Motorola will be giving away a Milestone each week to a person who becomes a fan of them on Facebook & then tells them why you love the Milestone. Sounds simple enough. Hit the source link below to enter! Continue reading

Virgin Mobile joins the Galaxy S party

What do you mean Optus has a one month exclusive on the Galaxy S?! That means nothing to Virgin Mobile, apparently. Techanist have said that Virgin is confirmed to be selling the Galaxy S via Virgin dealers, Allphones, Telechoice and Virgin stores on it's $89 'Smart Cap' which includes a whopping 3.5GB of data as well as unlimited texts to all national mobiles. Continue reading